Private Companions

The work of private companions is to provide relax, entertain or get free from ordinary day-to-day troubles.  And that is something you may also expect from private companions.
You can set aside the obligations, duties and deadlines in front of the entrance and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, fun and pleasant environment in the company of charming girls and women. You will forget about your considerations and troubles. All of that in maximum discretion and without any worries regarding privacy. Here, you can be sure that your privacy and activities are only your matter and anything you may do within our premises will not get out. You will be paid individual attention with maximum discretion. With private companions you may also be sure about top standard services. These services may include for instance a lift home free of charge which may be provided by our company and a bottle of delicious wine, etc. With our private companions you do not have to worry that she will pounce on you or would call you into a room, you may come just to have a delicious drink in a company of a lady, to talk or to have a massage. Everything is up to you and your taste.
A potential escort service to the place you may determine is a matter of course here. Our private companions are always smiling and skilful girls and women not afraid of experimenting, they are intelligent, welcoming and on a good mood, they feel like fulfilling your most secret wishes, desires and of course, they will provide you with a proper care.

Price list:
  • Relax-fun-rest service - 60 minutes, EUR 100
  • Relax-fund-rest service - 30 minutes, EUR 70
If you wish to become a part of our team, fill in the form
Fee: 20€ / month (Private companions working in our team are exempted of the fee)