High-End Companions

In these days, the work of a dating manager (high-end companion) is linked with sophistication, exclusivity and luxury.
Dating managers (high-end companions) are ladies typical for grace, sensuality and charisma and not as many people think that they are cheap prostitutes without a social bon ton. The opposite is true. They are typical girls you may see everywhere around you. They are naturally beautiful and charming. The nowadays companions are self-confident, educated and with general knowledge and they have their own style and own life philosophy. Their intentionality and discipline predetermine them to be successful. And believe that they actually are successful. Their company is so genuine as they are. The dating managers (high-end companions) are ladies accompanying their client with maximum discretion and devotion.
What is their duty? The duty of a dating manager (high-end companion) is to accompany her client. At all social events (dancing parties, balls, competition finales, opera, theatre, etc.), business trips, (business meetings, congresses, symposia, trainings, etc.), private trips (whistle-stop tours, sightseeing, hiking, leisure activities) and private events (major anniversaries, vacations, trips, etc.) in the Slovak Republic and in abroad (all over the world) for the clients from Slovakia and from abroad, according to the client´s requirements and mutual agreement with the employer. They are always ready and willing to make all the moments pleasant. They have learnt to do their job as an adventure they are a part of. They do not do their work on a shoestring, which makes them professionals, they are sure, discrete and safe and they use their agencies, contacts and teams at their work. And we are one of them. Our excellent repute is based on honest and dutiful services. Our client portfolio is represented mainly by top managers, popular people from media, sports and private businessmen. Shortly, men who need a beautiful and intelligent woman with them and are able to remunerate her strong sides properly

 “The best thing is to be healthy, rich and unknown …”

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